George Shapland

Wooden Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Trees

30cm Purple Heart bowl, ebony and beech rim.

30cm Bubinga bowl, zebrano, padauk and ebony segmented ring.


Olive Wood with Ebony Finial.


16 cm Elm bowl with exotic hardwoods.

38cm Iroko pedestal bowl with anjan and amarello segmented rings 

Group of lidded boxes; padauk, laburnum, olive, olive and spalted lime.

20cm Zebrano and ebony rim.


23cm Segmented vase in tigerwood.

33cm Segmented zebrano lidded vase with a Holly pig’s tail finial.

35cm ‘Bowl from a board’ made from purple heart, amarello, zebrano, padauk, idigbo and wenge.

25cm Platter made from amarello, padauk, ebony, idigbo, purple heart and zebrano.

George Shapland

On retiring from the Army in 2017, after a 33 year career, George returned to his hobby of wood turning, studying under the internationally renowned master turner, Stuart Mortimer. He became a full time turner in 2018 turning professional in 2019 with the launch of Butterwood specialising in elegant wood designs. 

Georges' fabulous creations from tropical hardwood are not only stunningly original they are hugely tactile, a real talking point, enriching their surroundings. He is a man dedicated to his art, look out for his exhibition in the coming months at the gallery.

Amesbury Art Gallery    No 6 Salisbury St,   Amesbury,   Salisbury,   Wiltshire. 01980 626020.