Lizzie Walker-Arnott

Cheddar Gorge

Lizzie Walker-Arnott

Lizzie studied Art History at university finding a particular fasciation for artists that did something a bit different; creating art that evoked emotion and a sense of place more than something that was picture perfect. It took a trip to Japan to inspire Lizzie to get started properly, with only her laptop available she tried to capture the scenery around her by creating digital illustrations. 


Inspired by, and finding happiness in, nature, architecture and travel Lizzie loves creating illustrations of big scenery, the type that makes you feel tiny and in awe of the planet we live on. She hopes to inspire people to appreciate and therefore protect the natural world around them.


Lizzie draws inspiration from a whole raft of artists enjoying the strong shadows and emotions of Edward Hoppers paintings, the surrealism of Rene Magritte, the evocative atmosphere of L.S Lowry’s work and the unconventional and powerful feminism in Frida Kahlo’s work. She is also drawn to contemporary illustrators such as Malika Favre and Sarah Alice Rabbit.

Amesbury Art Gallery    No 6 Salisbury St,   Amesbury,   Salisbury,   Wiltshire. 01980 626020.

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