David O'Connor

David O'Connor Boynton Down

Boynton Down


David O'Connor Cold Kitchen from the north

Cold Kitchen from the North


David O'Connor The Path Through The Woods

The Path through the Woods

Cold Kitchen Hill I

Cold Kitchen Hill 1



Towards the Ridge


168.     West of King Barrow-2016-51 x 4

West of King Barrow

David O'Connor

After achieving a first class degree in Fine Art, David spent two years at the Slade School of Fine Art, completing a post graduate Diploma. Since then he has combined a prolific and successful career as a sculptor and painter with numerous solo shows, residencies and commissions combined with a career in teaching in further and Higher education, mainly in the South West.  His distinctive and visually immersive paintings are inspired by the Wiltshire landscape.


Davids' use of colour is fresh and original and his mark-making is captivating. With a fascination of mapmaking and the dichotomy between the changing and the timeless nature of the Wiltshire landscape.


David is inspired by a long line of mystical landscape artists going back to William Blake, Wordsworth and Samuel Palmer, Continuing into the 20th century with the landscape painter Paul Nash, the filmmaker and painter Peter Greenaway and the filmmaker and his tutor at the Slade School of Fine Art: Chris Welsby.