Anna Anderson

Anna Anderson To The Rescue!

To the Rescue

Anna Anderson Apache


Anna Anderson Wildcat on the Plain

Wildcat on the Plain

Anna Anderson A Fine Day to Exercise

A Fine Day to Exercise

Anna Anderson A Glorious Display

A Glorious Display

Floating Over Old Sarum

Floating Over Old Sarum


Anna Anderson Bustard Crossing

Bustard Crossing

Anna Anderson

Anna graduated at the Wimbledon School of Art, she's currently exhibiting at the Salisbury Arts Centre with her amazing original painting 'Floating Over Old Sarum'. Her style is illustrative with an inclination to paint man-made objects that fly within a countryside setting! Her passion is for military aviation and rather handily living in Salisbury she captures the shear power of the flying that surrounds her in and around the Plain, perhaps the only artist in Wiltshire to do so. Her work is unique and is therefore highly collectible.